Inclusive Innovation

Photo by Nikolai Ulltang

The last few weeks, more press has appeared about the power of new perspectives and the possibilities they provide. Though overdue, it’s welcome.

Wherever we’re going we’re getting there together or not at all.

Just as racism, misogyny, ableism and every other way of discounting and disregarding perspectives outside one group’s can permeate every layer and crevice of a society so too can the potential for progress when we open up to all perspectives. When a true “we” appears,  our vision and ability to deliver on a shared vision improves.

Don’t take our word for it. Just look at three instances of breakthroughs enabled by a change in perspective. Note that these are scientific breakthroughs. So even those pursuits grounded in empiricism and logic, the ones that are considered objective, benefit from inclusion. This is not identity politics (well no more than pretending identity doesn’t already play a role); it’s a recognition of reality and even that shifts when we make room for one another. 

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